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Hardly any other brand in the vintage sportswear sector is as well-known and popular as Champion. For years, the all-rounder brand has been serving a wide variety of sports in the USA and Europe and sponsors clothing for some of the top teams in the NBA, NFL and NHL and teams from various colleges in America. Thus, Champion specializes in clothing for basketball, ice hockey, baseball and football. The items of clothing are tailored precisely to the needs of the respective sport in terms of their material and details, which is what characterizes Champion clothing with its variety, quality and expertise.

Peece's x Champion

We at Peeces have been pursuing our special passion for vintage sportswear for years - the reason why almost our entire range consists of vintage sports items such as vintage sweaters , vintage hoodies , vintage football shirts or vintage track jackets from a wide variety of well-known sports brands! And what would vintage sportswear be without a champion? Aside from the fact that you overdo it every time we drop vintage Champion products, as one of the most important outfitters in the sportswear world, Champion simply has to have a place in our top brands! You love the whole variety of Vintage Champion? Stay tuned to this page to check out our full range of Champion branded clothing!

Storytime: How Champion Became a World Sports Brand - NBA, NFL & College

The history of the Champion brand is a bit of a mystery to many. Everyone knows Champion as a global sports brand, but hardly anyone has really followed the rise of the brand or is aware of it. Let's take a little historical journey back in time to the year 1919, when the American brand specializing in sportswear was founded by the Feinbloom brothers with the former brand name "Knickerbocker Knitting Company", which promptly changed to "Champion Knitting Mills Inc." in 1930. was renamed. Champion athletic apparel was first worn by the US Military Academy for physical education classes and training sessions. Champion also produced clothing for all NBA teams and also for some NFL teams. This makes Champion one of the first outfitters of American sportswear. In addition to NBA and NFL apparel, Champion began producing athletic apparel for some collegiate teams, becoming one of the first athletic brands to outfit collegiate teams.

The logo and the hype

More and more people began to wear Champion clothes not only for sports, but also for their free time and the brand gained popularity. The logo in particular, which was created with the red and blue C around the 80s, but was then renewed with white, was very popular on a T-shirt or sweater and got a hype again in 2019. In the 80s, especially among young people, there was a trend towards wearing oversized champion shirts, sweaters and hoodies over simple pants, which was rekindled in 2018.

How do I rock the famous "Champion Hoodie"?

Already knew? Champion is a pioneer in hoodies. On the one hand through a new manufacturing technique, the so-called "reverse weave", in which the fabric is sewn crosswise. Champion really invented the first hoodie in the 80s! At that time it was only intended to warm up for training sessions - but it was then worn more and more in everyday life and during leisure activities! Today, as one of the most popular sports items in the world, the Champion Hoodie has become an integral part of wardrobes - and ours too, which consists mainly of vintage sportswear!

Apart from the many other Vintage Champion items such as vintage track jackets or vintage shirts, keyword variety, oversized Vintage Champion hoodies from the 80s are a must-have because they represent nonchalance and coolness. Style your Oversized Vintage Champion Hoodie with wide trousers, basic jeans or track pants, and the casual, sporty look is perfect!