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* Free shipping in Germany for orders over 60€
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All shipments within Germany are sent as an insured parcel with DHL.
All packages outside Germany are sent either as a letter or insured package.


Done! You have successfully put your dream piece in your shopping cart and have completed the checkout. The piece is purchased! Now all you have to do is be patient, wait, drink tea! We know: Waiting for the postman can sometimes be really annoying - but not with us! We want to make the shipping process as convenient and efficient as possible for you: Thanks to our lightning-fast shipping, you only have to wait about 1-2 working days for your favorite items! Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Since you have already found what you are looking for and are now just waiting for your vintage item, here is some important information for you regarding our shipping:

Shipping Info - Peeces

Letters and parcels as well as delivery times

We ship as an insured DHL parcel from Deutsche Post DHL Group, primarily to Germany and Austria, and to other countries that ensure an appropriate level of data protection, as a letter or insured parcel. We know that many of you live in other European countries and in the United States! Standard shipping to Germany costs 3.99 euros and takes 1-2 working days. Delivery to Austria can of course take a little longer and is therefore between 2 and 4 working days. The price for shipping to Austria is 5.99 euros. Shipping costs in any other countries depend on the certain country. Information storage and access as well as costs will be shown to you at Checkout. The delivery will take up to 15 working days. Shipping with us is free for orders over 60 euros in Germany and for orders over 120 euros in Austria.

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We are always trying to improve our content and design our offers so that they offer you the best possible shopping experience! This is why we always provide you with a large selection of the best vintage clothes from well-known sportswear brands such as Nike , Harley-Davidson , Adidas , Champion and Polo Ralph Lauren on our website . We have previously checked each individual piece for authenticity and prepared, sorted, filtered, cleaned and ironed it ourselves. This means that we have high quality standards for our products.

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