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When most people think of classic second-hand fashion, they immediately think of a colorful shirt with a cool retro pattern. A shirt is a statement piece in the vintage scene and a must-have in every vintage wardrobe. But it doesn't always have to be colorful and flashy like the classic image of a vintage shirt that you have in mind - the nice thing about shirts is the variation and the vibes that are supposed to give the outfit: It doesn't matter if it's with cool colors and patterns should spice up the everyday outfit or it should be a bit more chic - for example for an upscale event, a business meeting, or just today's somewhat chic everyday outfit - a shirt is simply the popular all-time fav for every occasion. Because by now it should be clear: shirts can not only be elegant!

The sleeve length also makes a big difference here and decides whether the shirt gives the outfit a graceful and elegant look or a relaxed and casual look.

They have class - long-sleeved shirts

The elegant ones among the shirts are definitely the long-sleeved shirts. These can not only be worn in a classic way under a jacket or suit to a serious event or an event where things are supposed to be a bit more elegant, but also look chic under a knit vest, for example, as each of you will certainly look at at one point or another Pinterest or Etsy saw. Black, white and blue can look chic.

However, we all know that one person who always wears shirts, even in their free time! Do you love variety and are you more of the type who likes it colorful or striped and loves to draw everyone's attention? No matter what you are looking for - our selection of shirts has something for everyone!

Chill Vibes - short sleeve shirts

"He takes life easy!" Everyone who rocks a short-sleeved shirt probably radiates these vibes! They give the outfit a casual and chilled, but at the same time likeable vibe and are therefore an indispensable essential for the summer! They look great both on and off shorts look good and come in different colors and from some high-quality top brands such as Tommy Hilfiger or Chaps by Ralph Lauren So with our large selection of short-sleeve shirts, feel free to choose what suits you best! and with lots of patterns - don't worry, we have Hawaiian shirts for you!

Hawaiian shirts bring you closer to summer

Hawaiian shirts are everyone's darling and make your outfit look friendly and summery. They also make you and your fellow human beings want to go on vacation - with all the cool bright colors and various patterns and motifs! They fit perfectly with short denim shorts - and you're ready for summer! Are you still looking for the perfect Hawaiian shirt for you? From time to time we explicitly drop Hawaiian shirts and you are guaranteed to find at least one that suits you very well from the large selection! In order not to miss this next motto drop under any circumstances, register for our newsletter!