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There is power in diversity

Do you love sports vintage clothing and are you looking for a variety of pieces where no two pieces are alike? Then the Starter brand is definitely right for you! The brand, which has existed since 1971, specializes in the production of high-quality sports fashion, sports shoes and sports accessories for the USA and Europe and is a premium supplier and pioneer in this area. Since different sports are popular and predominant in Europe and the USA, and each sport has its own clothing, the Starter brand clothing selection consists of many different pieces. But Starter is not only a pioneer in the field of sports fashion, but also a top outfitter for various sports teams: In the USA, where basketball, football, baseball and hockey are mainly played, Starter sponsors the leagues of the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL and the teams and leagues of the various colleges. In Europe, football dominates, and Starter mainly equips the clubs here with training clothes and track jackets. But Starter also produces typical clothing items and merchandise such as track jackets for the Olympics. As a sponsor, Starter also always works with recognized and professional athletes, giving its traditional brand, deeply rooted in the sports scene, an authentic image and making it a professional player in performance clothing in the sports world.

Would you like to learn more about vintage sportswear and the most popular sports in Europe and the USA and their teams? Then check out our blog – we wrote an in-depth article about it there!

But which pieces does the world of the Starter brand offer exactly? There are actually no limits to the variety of Starter clothes. From sweaters and hoodies from the sportswear area to zips, half zips, windbreakers and track jackets from the outdoor area to thicker puffer jackets for the winter or wild college jackets. Probably the most popular piece from Starter is the legendary "Starter Jacket", also a college jacket - a must, not only in the wardrobe of every athlete, but also of every sports vintage lover! Watch out – we at Peeces also always have some vintage sportswear on offer from Starter! The best thing to do is to check out our entire selection from the Starter brand directly on this page!

At Starter you will definitely find what you are looking for in terms of vintage items. For new clothing, Starter now wants to expand its collections and offer more outerwear and accessories such as headwear.

How do I combine Starter Pieces?

Vintage sportswear has long since ceased to be just sportswear, but is now also represented and anchored on the streets and is an integral part of the street style area. You want the casual retro street look back to the 90s? Combine your starter college jacket with wide trousers, track pants or baggy jeans! Should you rather stay with the sporty outfit for training or the gym? No problem, simply wear matching track pants or training pants with your Starter track jacket! You love it very functional? You won't be disappointed by starter track jackets and windbreakers or zips made of functional material - and you're ready for your next outdoor trip! The great thing about clothing from Starter is not only the variety of clothes for sports, outdoor and streetwear, but also that each piece is special and never basic! Thus, there are also some blatant vintage one-offs from Starter in the sports vintage scene, which also makes the brand one of our most popular brands at Peeces.