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Lacoste is a pioneer when it comes to polo shirts. Polo shirts are probably the most well-known piece of clothing from Lacoste! It doesn't matter whether it's classic tennis, for which the polo shirt was originally invented, in everyday life or for more chic occasions - a polo shirt gives every outfit a bit of aesthetics and a sporty and elegant touch at the same time. A piece of clothing has to be able to do that! A polo shirt is therefore versatile in everyday life - there are no limits to combination ideas! Polo shirts are also available in an infinite number of different colors and patterns. In classic blue, grey, black or white, it can be easily matched to an outfit. Should it be a bit more summery? Then yellow, mint green or light blue are the right shades. No matter what kind of polo shirt you are looking for - Lacoste has it - guaranteed! Although the French clothing brand now also produces shoes, perfumes, leather goods, glasses and watches in addition to polo shirts, it first gained prominence with the production of the first tennis polo shirt. There are now countless different polo shirt collections from Lacoste, which are characterized by very high quality, attention to detail and expertise. But let's start from the beginning...

Storytime: The Rise of Lacoste

How did Lacoste become a global brand? In 1927, the French tennis player René Lacoste designed his first tennis shirt for his own use, with a characteristic rib fabric, which was advantageous for tennis because it was more breathable than other shirts. So far, tennis has been played in basic white tops. This resulted in the first polo shirt for tennis, also white, of course. René Lacoste chose a crocodile as the logo for his brand because his tennis teammate once promised him a suitcase made of crocodile skin if Lacoste won a match, and he has since been nicknamed “The Crocodile” by the press. However, his tough and ambitious character traits in the game have also been associated with a crocodile. In 1933, “La Chemise Lacoste” was registered as a trademark for the first time after the cooperation with the knitwear manufacturer André Gillier. Lacoste was the first company with a very visible logo on the clothes. What is also special here is that the logo is sewn on, while it is embroidered on competitors such as Polo Raph Lauren. From the early days, the brand went from strength to strength after entering into a licensing deal with US sportswear brand Izod, Lacoste becoming the Izod Lacoste brand and stars including John F. Kennedy wearing Lacoste clothing. In 1993, however, Izod and Lacoste parted ways and the French Lacoste SA took over the brand again, but since 2000 Lacoste has also been present again in America in the mid-range price segment. After that things happened very quickly: in 1958 the first tennis shoe dropped, in 1961 Lacoste filed a patent for its collar and in 1968 the first perfume “Eau de Sport” was launched. Traditional tennis clothing has been actively shaped and changed by Lacoste over the years and the range of Lacoste items on offer has expanded. The first Lacoste stores opened in 1981.

Peece's x Lacoste

Our " T-Shirts & Polo Shirts " category celebrates you unusually - one more reason why Lacoste, with its large variety of polo shirts with many different fits, colors and patterns and high-quality, detailed clothing, is one of our top brands! Whether vintage polo shirts for men or women, vintage polo shirts for tennis or for leisure - you can't go wrong with a vintage polo shirt from Lacoste. So no matter what you are looking for - on this page you will not only find all vintage Lacoste polo shirts, but also vintage sweaters and hoodies from Lacoste that we currently offer. In addition to sweaters, vintage Lacoste tracksuits and vintage Lacoste jackets are also popular pieces thanks to Berlin underground rapper Pashanim. From time to time we also have some of these - maybe you're lucky! Have fun shopping!