Are you shopping in a vintage online shop for the first time and don't know exactly how it works or what you have to pay attention to when buying vintage clothing? Or are you still unable to find your way around the main menu on our website and need help or information? For more general concerns, you've come to the right place on our FAQ page! On this page we answer the most common questions we are asked in our shop - from "What is vintage fashion" to general information about our products, orders and their delivery. We hope that we can answer your questions on this page and help you!

What is vintage clothing or secondhand clothing?

Vintage clothing refers to used clothing that is several years old . So most items are second hand and have already had a life. Used clothing that is still in good condition is therefore reprocessed and sold. The clothing is often even of better quality than new!

What is Vintage Style?

What was considered old-fashioned and unstylish a decade ago is now back in style! In the last 5 years in particular, you can observe a trend towards fashion, which is largely based on vintage sportswear clothing , i.e. sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts and training jackets as well as training pants from old collections . The items do n't necessarily have to be old, often just a look of new clothing in a so-called retro style or vintage washed style is enough to give an outfit a "vintage look" .

What types of vintage clothes do you sell?

We at Peeces sell mostly vintage sportswear clothing in great quality at a fair price. We have vintage clothing in the categories of sweaters and hoodies , shirts , shirts , polo shirts and jackets as well as vouchers to buy. So if you've been looking for exactly these pieces - then feel free to check out our main menu!

What brands are available at Peeces?

At Peeces we only sell clothing from the best and most famous sportswear brands. These include Nike , Harley-Davidson , Adidas , Polo Ralph Lauren , Champion and Lacoste . Have fun shopping! For the entire selection of our brands, it's best to check out our brand register !

Are all products original?

Yes, every piece is checked by us manually for its originality and authenticity and therefore meets high quality standards .

How long is the delivery time?

Thanks to lightning- fast shipping, delivery from Peeces only takes about 1-2 working days !

Can I return my order?

Something wasn't quite right or you liked it and you want to give something back? No problem, you have 14 days after receiving your order to send something back to us. However, the return costs must be borne by the buyer himself. You can find all further steps and information about the returns process on our returns page .


For more specific concerns such as questions specifically about your order, please contact our support at support@peeces.de by email and we will give you feedback as quickly as possible! If you were very or less satisfied with your order, you are welcome to leave us feedback - we welcome any constructive criticism and suggestions on how we can improve!