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Fila x Peeces

The heart of Peeces is vintage sportswear - so Fila is simply a must-have in our vintage online shop! Founded in 1911 by two brothers, the Italian sports brand is known for its signature logo sweaters , polo shirts , track jackets, mid-season zip jackets, half zips and shoes, and its products feature prominently in our selection! On this page you will find all vintage pieces from the Fila brand in our online shop. But let's start from the beginning - how did Fila come about?

Where is Fila from?

Fila was once a manufacturer of underwear. It wasn't until 1974 that the company really started to produce sportswear, used by athletes such as tennis player Björn Borg and mountaineer Rheinhold Messner. After initial sales difficulties at the Fila holding company, Fila is now a well-known sporting goods brand, which only really became known in the 90s and experienced an upward trend. In keeping with the trend at the time, Fila launched the chunky disruptor dad shoe model. Track jackets were also very trendy, and that's exactly what Fila made. The styles of the Fila products from that time have hardly changed to this day, which is why it is difficult to distinguish genuine vintage Fila clothes from new Fila clothes. However, since Fila is already such an old and traditional brand, you can find some blatant vintage pieces! So Fila is no longer only to be found in the sportswear sector, but has already made big strides in the direction of streetwear!

How do I style Fila?

As a vintage fan, you can hardly go wrong with Fila products, because Fila clothing always has a touch of retro look and vintage style about it! Maybe it's because of the logo, which, typical for Fila, is large and in retro font on almost all Fila clothing either as a print or as a patch. In 1970, the iconic Fila logo with recognition value was designed for the first time.

The pieces by Fila can be rocked for any occasion, whether you want it to be sporty or relaxed and your style should be casually accentuated. It doesn't matter whether you're going to the sports field or casually with friends in the city - with vintage Fila clothing you are always perfectly equipped. A vintage Fila track jacket or hoodie will go with any pair of pants and even look cool with a skirt and other bottoms. Fila itself also offers some 90's retro style skirts. For real vintage Fila clothing, however, check out our shop selection! The vintage Fila hoodies and sweaters in an oversized style are particularly casual. For the particularly clean, complete tracksuit look, combine your vintage Fila track jacket with matching vintage Fila track pants. In general, you can always combine Fila clothing with the classic Fila colors dark blue, red and white.