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Peeces x Nike

Everyone in the vintage scene agrees: Nike is by far the most popular vintage top brand with the most hyped pieces! We at Peeces are also always surprised at the heavy Nike pieces we sometimes get, such as a Nike Middle Swoosh Hoodie - and we also create events around the brand again and again, such as a regular Nike Drop! We collect absolutely insane pieces for months - so we can only warmly recommend that you don't miss our Nike Drops! It is best to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and always receive information about the next motto drop in good time. Aside from the Nike Drop, we always have some vintage Nike clothing to choose from, such as vintage Nike sweaters , vintage Nike hoodies or vintage Nike jackets - however, many Nike items are sold out as soon as they drop because your Nike is partying wildly! On this page you will find everything that we currently offer from the Nike brand - maybe you are lucky and your dream piece is still there! So strike fast!

Storytime: How Nike became a global brand

Bill Bowerman, a track and field coach at the University of Oregon, founded Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, initially selling Onitsuka Tiger athletic shoes, now known as Asics. In 1971 the name was changed to Nike, a nod to the name of the Greek goddess of victory. From then on, only lighter sports shoes with more special soles were sold.

After the cooperation with well-known athletes such as Steve Prefontaine, who was equipped with Nike pieces at the 1972 Summer Olympics, things went uphill relatively quickly for Nike. In 1978, Nike also began selling shoes in Europe, and in 1984, Nike designed its own collections with basketball legend Michael Jordan. Nike later worked with golfer Tiger Woods and professional cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Again and again, Nike also makes political statements, advertising against racism for the first time since 2005 with the statement "Stand up, speak up".

Since 2012, Nike has also been the official main sponsor of the NFL, i.e. the American Football League. The first lifetime endorsement deal with athlete LeBron James was signed in 2015.

In 1971, graphic design student Carolyn Davidson designed Nike's signature Swoosh logo, said to represent the wings of the Greek goddess Nike. Today, the Swoosh is Nike's trademark and one of the most well-known in the world, as is the slogan "Just Do It", which is intended to encourage people not only to dream of moments of success, but also to strengthen people's courage and awaken action to take life in hand.

Today, Nike not only produces sportswear and sports shoes, but also lifestyle clothing and fitness accessories.

The craziest Nike pieces

Nike clothing from different decades has become an integral part of the vintage world. You can usually tell how old your Nike piece is by the tags, i.e. the inside labels of the pieces. In addition to the well-known Gray Tag and Red Tag, there are countless other Nike tags - it's best to check out our YouTube video on the subject!

The craziest vintage Nike pieces include the Nike Spellout Sweater with a large embroidered brand name, the Big Swoosh Sweater with a large embroidered Swoosh logo and the Middle Swoosh Hoodie with a small embroidered logo in the middle of the collar. The vintage sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts with a small logo embroidered on the side are the most popular items of clothing from Nike, as they are suitable for everyday use and can be combined very well. Also awesome, but very rare and difficult to find are vintage Nike trackpants. In winter, vintage Nike jackets and vintage Nike puffer jackets are particularly popular and give your outfit an extra portion of heat! No matter what you are looking for - with the large variety of items from Nike, both for women and men, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!