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Reebok x Peeces

Why Reebok should not be missing as a top brand in our brand register? Quite simply: hardly any other sportswear brand brings the retro vibe as crass as Reebok. Just between us: is there anything more timeless than the well-known Reebok Classics? But Reebok not only brings the retro style visually, the brand has actually been around for quite some time and therefore has some nice vintage parts to offer. Discover the vintage world of Reebok right here on this page! Do you want to know where Reebok actually comes from, how the brand has established itself and how popular it is? Then stay tuned!

Storytime: Reebok - the rise of a major sports brand

The sporting goods brand from the USA, founded in 1980, is best known for its production of sports shoes, sportswear and sports accessories such as caps, sports bags, sports backpacks and many more. Starting with the production of running shoes for the Olympic Games in the summer of 1924, the grandchildren of the founder launched the Reebok label in 1958. In 1979, Reebok products began being distributed in the United States. At $60, Reebok shoes were the most expensive athletic shoes on the market at the time. Over time, several entrepreneurs bought shares in the label and the products, marketing and design were fine-tuned. In this way, Reebok climbed the ladder in leaps and bounds on its way to becoming a major sports brand. In 1985, JW Foster finally became Reebok and the company released some other products besides sports shoes until it was finally bought by Adidas in 2006. In 2002, Reebok acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute NFL jerseys, and in 2004 also jerseys for the NBA and NHL. The sponsor also supplies the NBA, MLB and NFL with shoes.

Where does the brand name Reebok come from?

The name comes from Afrikaans and stands for the African antelope ("Rhebok" in Afrikaans), which also explains the logo of the brand, which depicts an antelope.

Reebok - Sporty and feminine

Reebok is best known for producing shoes that mainly appeal to female customers. It all started with colorful aerobic shoes in the 1980s. Over the years, Reebok has expanded its product line to include tennis shoes, basketball shoes, athletic apparel and accessories. In 1982, the “Freestyle” running shoe for women dropped, but it was also rocked in the streets for its style and comfort. As a style icon and timeless piece by Reebok, it is still being produced today! In addition, it was re-launched in a few style variations, such as a high-top version.

Vintage Reebok Sportswear

As we have often noticed in the meantime: Vintage sportswear is no longer limited to sportswear, but has long since established itself in the streetwear scene. The same applies to Reebok sports shoes and sportswear. So combine your vintage Reebok sweater , vintage Reebok windbreaker or your vintage Reebok classics with cool wide trousers for an extra sporty street look!