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Tommy Hilfiger brings the summer vibes

Tommy Hilfiger is simply a classic that belongs in every wardrobe, regardless of whether it's a woman or a man. The variety that the brand has to offer in its selection is always surprising: from T-shirts to sweatshirts, jackets, polo shirts, shirts, blouses and trousers - Tommy Hilfiger has the right products for everyone! This makes Tommy Hilfiger one of the brands that remain true to their colorful, yet classic design and characteristic, preppy logo, while at the same time convincing with a diverse range of articles. However, Tommy Hilfiger clothing always brings the absolute summer vibe with its look! No matter where you wear the clothes - your outfit is guaranteed to put people around you in a good mood and make them want to go on vacation!

Peece's x Tommy Hilfiger

There are also plenty of Tommy Hilfiger treasures to discover when it comes to vintage. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a vintage sweatshirt , a t-shirt or a jacket at a fair price - you're sure to find what you're looking for on our website, because we always offer a number of Tommy Hilfiger vintage pieces that have potential for your personal shopping cart have! So feel free to check out our Tommy Hilfiger favorites on this page. Because with vintage Tommy Hilfiger clothing you are perfectly equipped for every occasion and always sporty and elegant at the same time. You were just at the checkout in our online shop with your personal favorite in your preferred color or size - and suddenly someone snatched your favorite item from under your nose? Aggravating! So that something like this doesn't happen again and next time you can be one of the first to get your favorite piece, subscribe to our newsletter using the contact form below so you don't miss the next drop! We hope to be able to ship your next order soon - of course in the usual Peeces quality and with shipping within 1-2 working days!

Storytime - The Rise of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion brand founded in 1985 and based in Amsterdam. Since 2010 it has belonged to the Phillipps-Van-Heusen Corporation, which also owns Calvin Klein. It all started with fashion designer Tommy J. Hilfiger's first collection of menswear with the help of a respected textile manufacturer. The main features of the logo design were determined relatively quickly and the clothing can be inferred from the typical Tommy logo and is kept in the colors dark blue, red and white as well as yellow. It also embodies the so-called "preppy look". The brand's clothing is priced slightly below Ralph Lauren. Hilfiger was relatively self-confident in the fashion industry early on, describing his clothes as "classics with that certain something". In fact, every piece of clothing always had a special detail, such as differently colored buttons or a polo collar.

From the upscale preppy look to the casual streetwear scene

In the '90s, the Tommy Hilfiger brand arrived on the streetwear and hip-hop scene, where it was often worn oversized and baggy, for example by hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg. Hilfiger adapted to this trend and in his fashion line, which was current at the time, moved further and further away from the preppy look and instead towards oversized street fashion.

After Hilfiger expanded its product range in 1995 and offered jeans, swimwear and accessories for women and men, among other things, the brand continued to climb steeply with well-promoted collections, including stars such as Estée Lauder. After some difficulties in the 2000s with sales and brand image, Hilfiger opened more and more stores in Europe and Japan and got back on the winning streak relatively quickly. Today the brand consists of the areas Tommy Hilfiger with fashion for men and women and Hilfiger Denim with jeans fashion. The model Gigi Hadid has been a successful partner of Tommy Hilfiger since 2015.

How do I style Vintage Hilfiger?

Should it be a little fancier? No problem with the neat vintage shirts and polo shirts from Hilfiger! These look particularly nice on a pair of jeans and for the complete look, style them with matching Hilfiger accessories such as a watch, necklace or bag and Hilfiger shoes! When it comes to a more casual or sporty occasion, vintage Hilfiger logo sweaters or shirts with an oversized look paired with cool track pants, baggy jeans or shorts are the right choice. In winter and when temperatures are low, a vintage Tommy Hilfiger puffy jacket will not only make you feel cozy, but also stylish! It doesn't matter what the occasion and whether it's for a sporty, casual or elegant style: Hilfiger has the right products in its range for everyone!