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The king of polo shirts

Polo shirts are among the most popular vintage pieces and, thank God, are not uncommon either, since their origin dates back to the 20th century and polo shirts are still worn on all occasions today. The constant production of new collections with polo shirt designs in many different colors, with different patterns and fine, unique details means that there are always new polo shirt treasures to be discovered in the vintage world. It is noticeable - there is a pioneer when it comes to polo shirts! We are of course talking about the Polo by Ralph Lauren brand from the Ralph Lauren fashion company, which was founded in 1967. As a supplier of polo shirts with a distinctive logo of a polo player, Polo Ralph Lauren is considered the king of polo shirts! A polo shirt from Ralph Lauren is immediately recognizable because it is like no other: the unmistakable, typical collar and the logo on the chest are the hallmark of the brand. With its designs and logo, the brand relies more on a classic, timeless, traditional look and very good quality with high-quality materials. The sportswear is characterized by sweat-absorbing, light fabrics and the natural material is a sign of high quality. The company began manufacturing its own ties in New York and then went on to produce clothing under the name "Polo Fashion" that was originally intended explicitly for polo players. In addition to upscale sportswear and polo shirts, Ralph Lauren nowadays also produces knitwear such as knitted sweaters as well as T-shirts, jackets, trousers, chinos, shorts, blouses, blazers, suits and accessories such as caps for leisure or business wear - and therefore clothing for every occasion!

What the preppy style is all about

In terms of style, Polo Ralph Lauren's clothing is based on the so-called preppy look, which is particularly popular in upscale sports clubs. The Polo Ralph Lauren logo, an embroidered polo player on the chest of the shirts, stands for sporty elegance and expresses Ralph Lauren sportswear at a high level. The term "preppy" comes from England in the 50s and stands for a special form of clothing fashion in which an upscale, well-groomed and traditional lifestyle is indirectly expressed through the clothing and thus belonging to a wealthier social class. The characteristic logo and the sophisticated style are retained by most Ralph Lauren garments, although some pieces and collections today have a rather less sporty touch and are very simple to be perfectly combined in everyday life.

How do I style a Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt?

Regardless of whether you are looking for a polo shirt in classic colors that can be combined with almost any outfit, such as black, white, blue or gray, or whether you prefer summer trend colors such as pastel tones, light green, yellow or baby blue with your polo shirt: at Polo Ralph Lauren you will find your dream polo shirt. You don't have to be a golfer to be able to wear such a shirt - polo shirts are no longer only intended for golf or tennis, but have long since become a fashionable leisure piece! It doesn't matter whether it's supposed to be a bit more chic in a preppy style or a sporty look: a vintage polo shirt from Ralph Lauren combines casual and chic, exclusive details - and gives you and your outfit a powerful dose of style! And the great thing about it: a polo shirt is rich in detail, but timeless and classic and can therefore be rocked at any occasion - whether at a chic evening event, at work or in everyday life!

Peece's x Polo Ralph Lauren

Pieces by Polo Ralph Lauren have become an integral part of the world of vintage clothing - and you too love our top brand Polo Ralph Lauren! Discover not only vintage polo shirts , but the whole variety of the brand such as vintage Polo Ralph Lauren jackets and zip jackets, vintage Polo Ralph Lauren rugby shirts, vintage Polo Ralph Lauren denim or vintage Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters and hoodies and many other products for men and women here at Peeces on this page!