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Peeces x The North Face

A winter classic - everyone knows that one person who always wears a fat The North Face puffer jacket! There's no question: Clothing from The North Face simply looks stylish - whether it's a jacket , a sweater or a hoodie . Psst: We sometimes find some nice vintage The North Face clothes too, so make sure to check out our entire The North Face brand selection on this page regularly!

What is special about The North Face?

A very special feature of The North Face clothing is that it is suitable for all weather conditions and there are many different clothes that meet the requirements of all weather conditions. The focus of The North Face is therefore on the production of functional, particularly breathable clothing for the outdoor area as well as on functional accessories such as hats and gloves or backpacks and fanny packs. So your favorite things stay safely stowed away! The North Face products are particularly well equipped for winter sports, but The North Face puffer jackets in particular simply look fresh in winter. They keep you warm and let you shine outside for any occasion - whether it's a cool evening with friends outside, Christmas shopping in the city or just doing winter sports. The North Face Retro Nuptse 700 Jacket in 1996 retro style is particularly popular. But not only snow, but also wind, cold and water or rain keep the clothing out thanks to special insulation techniques. So you are perfectly equipped for more active adventures and sports where you can quickly feel the weather changes, such as hiking or camping. But The North Face has more to offer than just puffer jackets - a fleece zip or half zip from The North Face will keep you warm, no matter where you are. You can wear it perfectly over a t-shirt in the evening when it gets colder after a warm day, or rock it under your The North Face puffer jacket. In addition, The North Face offers a variety of other transitional jackets and track jackets made of functional fleece, softshell material or windbreaker material.

In a nutshell, what makes The North Face so special is that they manage to combine functionality and weather resistance with a skilfully stylish look, so that functional trekking clothing that young people often see as “uncool” or ugly, all at once has a completely different appearance and is perceived as stylish. The North Face puffer jackets are almost a fashion trademark and belong in the wardrobe of every fashion lover. Thus, fashion from The North Face always keeps up with the times and current trends.

How do I style Vintage The North Face?

A vintage The North Face sweater is available in many colors and, in our opinion, looks cool with dark jeans or jeans with a light wash. Of course, the golden rule applies here again - style your vintage The North Face clothing the way you like it best! Under a The North Face puffer jacket or a vintage The North Face track jacket or jacket you can rock a The North Face fleece or a The North Face half-zip, and on very cold days a shirt underneath. So you are perfectly equipped for all weather conditions with The North Face clothing!