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Timeless fashion

When the brand name Levi's is mentioned, you simply have them in mind - the perfect pair of jeans. Whether skinny jeans, mom jeans, high waist jeans, straight leg jeans or wide leg jeans - everyone has their own definition of a perfect pair of jeans. However, we agree on one thing - hardly any piece is as timeless as Levi's jeans. The brand was already established in the 20th century and is still a respected classic today, especially when it comes to denim, i.e. jeans articles and jeans fashion. This also explains why Levi's is one of our top brands at Peeces: Vintage fashion is timeless. Pieces that are still worn over the years follow a certain style and change only minimally - and that's exactly what Levi's has been doing for years: Every denim piece is classic, timeless and always stays that way over the years True to the style and quality of the brand. Thus, the clothing is vintage, but still timeless in fashion and the cult brand is one of the most popular brands in the vintage scene. A Levi's jeans from the 80's is still the same as a Levi's jeans produced today, as the standards of the brand have hardly changed.

Denim & quality

Meanwhile, Levi's no longer only produces the well-known 501 jeans from the 80s and 90s, probably the most popular and most worn jeans in the world and definitely a hype piece in the vintage scene, as well as dungarees made of denim material, which were originally intended as workwear, but also, for example, T-shirts , denim jackets , checked shirts , denim shirts and various models of denim pants with their classic figures. The high quality, the durable cotton material and the fine, detailed workmanship are an important aspect of Levi's corporate culture.

Peece's x Levi's

As one of our top brands, Levi's is almost always present in our shop. We always get something from the popular Levi's denim jackets in particular - and these are often out of stock! Are you specifically looking for Levi's vintage clothing? Then you are definitely on the right page! Feel free to browse through the selection of Levi's clothing in our shop - maybe you're lucky and your dream piece is still available!

How to combine Levi's clothes?

A denim piece from Levi's gives your outfit a relaxed and casual touch - you are guaranteed to exude coolness and style. You rarely do anything wrong with stylish Levi's jeans or a denim jacket - because they are casual and special at the same time, radiate sympathy and can be combined with almost anything, so that they quickly turn a basic outfit with a single-colored shirt into a special and stylish eye-catcher. Whether you prefer skinny jeans, which Levi's are often very comfortable and made of stretch material, or you want to complete your retro look with a pair of Levi's wide-leg jeans - Levi's has a huge range of fits when it comes to jeans and for something for every type of jeans wearer! For example, an oversized denim jacket goes well with classic Levi's jeans of your choice in terms of model, length, size and shape to complete the denim look. Take a look at our shop, where we often have a few denim jackets to choose from! Another styling idea that will definitely draw everyone's attention if you love being the eye-catcher - embroider your jeans with cheeky patches, stencils and patterns - this gives your piece the unique and unmistakable look that you are guaranteed to have so quickly you will not find in others!