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There's no question that if you love vintage, you have to love Dickies too. It doesn't matter whether it's a classic vintage Dickies carpenter, jeans or cargo pants, an oversized Dickies shirt or a Dickies jacket - the Dickies pieces are simply an essential part of every vintage wardrobe and there are some treasures that are already a few years old. A vintage Dickies piece just looks wild and gives your outfit a lot of drip - but where does the trend brand actually come from?

It all started as workwear

In fact, it all started quite functionally and without much focus on fashion. The brand, founded in 1922, first produced uniforms for the armed forces during the Second World War under the name "Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company" and today Dickies is best known for manufacturing workwear. The brand therefore stands for robust material, high quality, durability and longevity. At Dickies, every job will find the right clothing, because the clothing is specially tailored to the individual requirements of the job. For example, there are Dickies trousers with sewn-in knee pads for working on your knees. Probably the best-known Dickies product is the "Dickies 874 Work Pants", also known as O-Dog, a pair of chinos with a characteristic crease that is very robust and suitable as work pants. The pants were well-worn by the '90s hip-hop scene like Eazy-E and Dr. Dre, to name just a few representatives.

From then on things went relatively steeply uphill: the Dickies brand became more and more popular, especially the shirts. The brand expanded into Europe and the Middle East. Particularly exciting: Dickies has become a trendy brand among young people! The target group of the brand, which had previously only addressed workers, was expanded. Starting with young skaters taking an interest in the brand because of its flexible workwear, adapting to a variety of movements and positions, stars like Madonna are now even wearing Dickie's clothes on stage!

How do I style vintage Dickies clothing?

Dickies are no longer just worn for executive work, but for all sorts of occasions. In the stressful and sociable everyday life, there is really nothing more casual than an oversized Dickies logo t-shirt or a vintage oversized Dickies shirt over wide trousers. Not only does it look cool, the t-shirts are also cozy and comfortable and so robust that they are suitable for any weather situation. One of the greatest treasures in vintage clothing, however, are wide cargo pants from Dickies in baggy style or Carpenter pants, which are described as work pants, but don't look like it at all! You can also wear the trousers extremely well in everyday life, as they look almost chic and elegant - but in any case they bring a lot of style and can be easily combined. After all, nothing looks cooler than a pair of baggy Dickies cargo pants or track pants that fall on your shoes! Not to forget, of course, the unmistakable Dickies logo, which simply looks stylish in its characteristic yellow, blue and red and makes the clothing a fashionable it-piece!

Peece's x Dickies

Of course, vintage essentials from Dickies such as shirts , zip jackets and sweaters should not be missing in our online shop either. Just stay on this page and check out our entire Dickies brand selection!